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Disposable Pure Delta 8 Vape Pen Full Gram

Mix and Match your favourite Diamond Disposable Pens

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Diamond Concentrates – Disposable Vape

Allow us to introduce Diamond Concentrate’s line of rechargeable disposable vape pens!  With a sleek and durable design, it is backed with smooth and easy functionality. Draw activated and convenient! Staying ahead of the overall curve, Diamond has raised the bar by including Live Resin and HTFSE, as well as distillate in these pens.

Diamond Concentrates upholds a higher standard by stringently controlling each process in their production from seed to sale. Deriving their knowledge and techniques from Californian extraction artists, they were able to implement what they learned to consistently produce the reliable and quality product that they have today. All extracts are lab tested for THC & CBD levels and also scrutinized for aroma, flavour, appearance, and effect. This is all achieved by using quality source materials, only choosing to nug run, and utilizing premium purging methods to remove any impurities which results in a pure concentrates with high terpene profiles.

Instructions | Disposable Pure Delta 8 Vape Pen Full Gram

  • Pull Activated
  • Draw for up to five seconds
  • Inhale and exhale comfortably

*Unscrew the bottom of the Vape to reveal micro-USB port for charging* Charging cable not included*

Each pen contains 1g of oil, available in Distillate, Live Resin and HTFSE.

Propylene Glycol-Free, Vegetable Glycerin-Free, Solvent Free, Organic Base

iDELTA8 Diamond – The purest Delta 8 disposable pen on the market

The iDelta8 Disposable Vape Pen Device in Diamond is the ultimate option for those serious about delta 8 THC, containing a pure delta 8 formula alongside terpenes taken from the most popular strains in the world. The disposable device comes already put together with a charged battery and full cartridge so that you can vape it as soon as you take it out of the box.

Pure Delta 8 THC in Each Pen

While the other disposables in the iDelta8 line balance the delta 8 with cannabidiol, this formula is pure delta 8 to give you the most potent delta 8 effects possible. Therefore, this particular system is only recommended for experienced users who have a tolerance to delta 8 THC and its psychoactive properties.

Lab-Tested for Quality and Purity

The hemp that is found in each iDelta8 vape pen comes from organically grown industrial hemp material cultivated by experienced domestic farmers. The hemp compounds are thoughtfully extracted using the most advanced methods in the industry to ensure maximum stability and bioavailability, as well as exceptional purity levels. The hemp is tested by a third-party lab to ensure that its quality meets or exceeds industry standards.

Clean Formula

The iDelta8 Diamond formula is totally free of fillers, additives and artificial flavouring ingredients that disrupt the pure taste of the hemp compounds and introduce unknown agents into the body.

Powerful and Fast-Acting

Delta 8 vapes offer the unique advantage of promoting particularly potent effects, which is what many delta-8 enthusiasts are looking for. Further, the effects are felt within minutes due to this delivery method, and are relatively short-lived, staying active for about an hour or two. Beginners should start with just one puff to get used to the unique nature of this product in terms of its potency.

A Rich Array of Popular Strains

The delta 8 Disposable Vape Pens can be purchased in a wide variety of extremely desirable strains, each containing a terpene profile handpicked from a popular breed of the industrial hemp plant.

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